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We are available every day here and by phone, email and even text!
Call our store at 802/457-HORS (that's 4677!). Please listen to the message for how to reach us in person. Call any time, day or night, and we'll be happy to help. We may not be able to welcome you into our store right now but you are welcome in our lives at any time as always. Don't hesitate. We look forward to hearing from you about anything we can do or just to talk.
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This Week's Deals!

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Halter Snap - Quick Fix! No Sewing!
Price: $3.50
Halter Snap  - Quick Fix! No Sewing!
Ingenious fix for a broken halter snap.
Horseware Neon Corrib Vest
Price: $99.95
Horseware Neon Corrib Vest
A lightly insulated waterproof high visability vest in unisex sizes
tax free
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Check out  Laura's Loft for closeouts, special purchases and other great deals.
You never know what you'll find there but it is sure to be a real bargain. Enjoy! 

We are a real store with real horse people to talk to. When you call here you are not going to get a call center. You are going to get the owner or a trusted employee with many years of experience who will do their best to help you get exactly what you need. We don't know everything by a long shot but we have been here a long time and we know how to get you answers. On this site you will find our most popular items, exceptional values and lots of specials and closeouts, but it does not BEGIN to show you what we have available. We carry over 15,000 items in stock and have 30 years servicing the local equestrians, with products for horse care and grooming to clothing, here as well as a wide variety of competitions at Green Mountain Horse Association. If you don't see it here please ask... we probably have it... or we can get it! And we are adding items here every day. If you don't have a local tack shop... we would love to be your local tack shop... no matter where you are! Questions? I'm the owner, Laura Spittle:-)
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