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Escape Breakaway Stirrups

MSRP: $99.99
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   Works with both English and western saddles. Rugged high density shock resistant construction, molded with a rubber foot tread. Designed to break away in case of a fall. This stirrup was made to release when pressue is applied laterally, helping to prevent a rider from being dragged after falling.  The middle bar is designed not to release unless the toe of the foot is pointed upwards, as it does when a rider falls from the horse, hooks the bar and applies lateral pressure.  The inner bar will then release, freeing the foot from the stirrup.  An added feature is this stirrup can be used as a mounting aid/ladder when titled to a 180 degree angle.  

SmartRider ‘Escape’ Breakaway Stirrups are all one width, 125 mm (5″).  At this width, their size would not be suitable for a small child.  Neck is 3″ with a slot for English stirrup leathers and 1-1/2″ tread.  Sold in pairs.

Our sizes are relative to the rider’s weight and it is the weight that triggers the release of the stirrup.

Light: 40-60 kg  (approx. 88-132 lbs)
Medium: 60-80 kg (approx. 132-176 lbs)
Large: 80-110 kg (approx. 176-242 lbs)

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